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External guides can lead groups through the Fraumünster and the Grossmünster (in the Fraumünster with accreditation only). However, a group can also visit the church without any guide. Should the church be overcrowded, a tour for unregistered groups cannot be guaranteed. We therefore recommend that you register your group at least 2 weeks before the visit.

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Please register your group at least 2 weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee a visit to unregistered groups.

With the submission of your request, you accept our costs, privacy policy (German) and terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a group visit with own guide cost?
At Fraumünster, registered groups are charged CHF 3 per Person, unregistered groups CHF 4 per person. In the price included is an audio guide (1 hour) or a leaflet, both available in various languages. We accept cash, credit card or TWINT at the reception inside the church.
At Grossmünster, the church nave can be visited free of charge. Audio guides cost CHF 3 per person for registered groups and CHF 4 per person for unregistered groups. The visit to the Tower costs CHF 3 per person for registered groups and CHF 4 per person for unregistered groups (incl. audio guide). Payment in cash, with TWINT or credit card at the reception in the church.

How big is a group?
You can register a group of 10 up to 30 people.

What about the noise?
External guides must use «wisper technology» (audio set) to avoid disturbing other visitors. Upon request, we provide an audio set to all participants.

Who may guide a group visit?
At Fraumünster, only accredited guides can give groups a tour through the church. To gain accreditation, a guide must visit a half-day course organised by the Reformierte Kirche Zürich (church district one). Currently, such accreditation is only provided in German.

Accreditation as a Fraumünster guide

Currently, accreditation seminars are held in German only. You can register by e-mail for an accreditation course. You will receive an invitation as soon as the next course date is fixed (usually in spring). The course takes 2–3 hours. Upon completion, you will receive your personal accreditation permit required to guide groups through the Fraumünster.

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